Help your team return to a safe workplace.

The Griffin App is an open source mobile app specially designed to help you and your team transition back into the workplace as safely as possible. At Axway, we've used this app to help our own teams return safely — now, let us help you!

  • Easily schedule in-office hours — let employees choose dates they want to come in, and share them on the in-app calendar to coordinate with other team members
  • Set administrative policies — HR can set capacity limits for your offices, open or close offices as needed, and provide executives with a full analytics dashboard
  • Customize with your branding — easily customize colors, logos, and more to match your organization's branding and style guidelines
  • iOS and Android support — with Titanium, you only code once in JavaScript, then compile into both native iOS and Android applications automatically
  • Powered by AMPLIFY™ — built using Axway's AMPLIFY platform, so you get access to other powerful integration features without the hassle

Download the source code from GitHub to get started today!

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